Protecting leather from a sticky situation

Popular with all ages, gum occasionally ends up on leather furnishings. If you end up with a sticky problem, All Leather Maintenance can help you remove gum from leather.

According to gum manufacturer, Wrigley, chewing gum is made with a synthetic rubber, or gum base, to keep it chewy. Along with bulking agents, the synthetic base gives gum its body, and its relative inability to dissolve in water. Because it does not dissolve well, it resists removal with water alone.

Just as with ink removal, there is a lot of advice available on removing gum from leather upholstery, leather apparel and personal items. Popular suggestions like scraping gum off, using ice cubes, scrubbing leather, and saturating the area with soap are likely to damage, stain, and harm the topcoat of fine, finished leather.

Use the right product to remove gum from leather

To remove gum from leather seats or other leather surface application, All Leather Maintenance offers a line of high quality products designed for the job:

  • Deep Cleaner: Our Deep Cleaner is formulated to remove problem stains and substances from finished leather. Whether it is gum, or residue and gloss from normal wear, our OEM-approved cleaners restore without harming your leather. To remove gum, spray the premixed solution on the gum. Leave the cleaner to saturate the gum for approximately three to five minutes. Use a rounded wooden craft stick and gentle but firm pressure to gently remove the gum residue.
  • Leather cleaning brush: Unlike plastic brushes that scrape and scratch leather, our genuine horsehair leather cleaning brush bristles are the right size to clean leather pores. When you have only a small amount of gum residue remaining, spray your leather cleaning brush with cleaner and use gentle circular motions to clean the gummed area. This will pick up the rest of the gum. It is a good idea to clean the whole leather surface to ensure the entire product, chair, or area looks equally fresh and renewed.

Our Deep Cleaner is great for all-over cleaning and protecting leather, rubber, vinyl, and other synthetic surfaces or items.

When you need to remove gum from leather—let All Leather Maintenance do the work.


The importance of protecting leather

Leather is a popular, durable material that retains its value with the right maintenance. Preserve your investment by protecting leather from wear, soil, and sun.

If you own fine leather furniture, drive in a car with leather seats or enjoy personal leather items, you understand that leather generally reflects the care it is given. A well-maintained leather jacket lasts for decades, far beyond the next fashion season.

Protecting leather

When you buy a good leather bag, or install leather in your boat or airplane cabin, you know you are buying quality. Most vendors recommend that you clean and condition your leather goods, whatever their use. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about leather maintenance:

How often should I clean leather? Whether in your car or on your couch, aim at using a high quality cleaner and conditioner on your leather surfaces about once a month. In the aviation industry, maintenance of leather dress covers keeps seats supple and extends their usage life span.

Is leather conditioner really necessary? Leather is composed of fibers from hides that shift and flex with the material. Without conditioning to lubricate and protect these fibers, they dry and eventually crack. As conditioner helps leather remain supple, it also forms a protective barrier to help your leather resist stains, wear, stress, and sun damage. Even leather needs a good sunscreen.

What can I use to condition my leather? All Leather Maintenance carries a full line of leather cleaners, conditioners, and supplies to safely and effectively clean all kinds of finished leather. Our Leather Conditioner is easy to use right out of the bottle.

How do I use your leather conditioner? Use a clean cloth to apply the formula to previously-cleaned leather surfaces and work in the conditioning cream with gentle, circular hand pressure. Wipe off any excess and wait about five minutes for the surface to dry before use.

Protecting leather is easy with products formulated to keep your leather looking and feeling like new. If you have questions about conditioning or protecting leather, contact us at All Leather Maintenance.


Easy leather cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning leather is the first step to keeping your leather beautiful and preserving its value.

All Leather Maintenance, a division of Perrone Aerospace, offers a line of high quality cleaning and leather maintenance products specifically formulated for easy leather cleaning.

With more than one hundred years working with leather, the experts at Perrone Aerospace design, manufacture, clean, and preserve high performance leathers and textiles for commercial and consumer clients around the world.

Whether you are cleaning boat or aviation leather—or your fine leather furniture at home—All Leather Maintenance products give you the coverage and convenience you need to preserve your investment.

Why is leather cleaning so important?

Made from the hides of animals, leather is treated with chemical and other processes to produce the luxury item you own. Keeping leather clean is an important way to preserve leather and help retain its value.

Leather is deceptively durable. It looks like it last forever—but you will only enjoy the full lifespan of your leather if your maintenance practices suit the finish and use of your leather. Leather accumulates dust and residue just like other fabrics. Cleaning and conditioning ensure leather remains flexible, soft, and resistant to stains, soiling, and fading.

Easy leather cleaning with All Leather Maintenance products

Keeping your leather upholstery, apparel, or personal leather products clean is important—and so is your time. We offer a one-step, ready-to-use Leather Cleaner with Conditioner to protect and preserve your leather. Here is how you use it:

  • Apply a small amount of leather cleaner to a horsehair bristle brush. For a leather chair, you will want to use about 1.5 – 2 ounces of product, depending on the size of the chair.
  • Using gentle circular hand motions, rotate around the surface to be cleaned. Wipe off excess cleaner with a microfiber leather cleaning cloth. Microfiber is important because it absorbs and better distributes cleaning lotions—making it a time and cost-efficient cleaning tool. Like genuine horsehair bristle brushes, microfiber cloths are more effective in lifting soil and stains from leather pores.
  • Wait three to five minutes to air dry and repeat if needed.
  • Use our Leather Cleaning Wipes for the ultimate in easy leather cleaning. Clean and condition your leather with a swipe. Our wipes leaves behind no oily residue but help your leather resist staining and sun damage.
  • For cleaning genuine and synthetic suedes, sheepskin, NuBuck, wool fabric, and even carpeting, try Peronne’s Micro Lather for cleaning stains and soiling. Like our other cleaners, this is a ready-to-use product with no harsh fumes. To ensure you have all your options at your fingertips, our Micro Lather includes a bonus Refining Billet to help lift dry ink, stains, and soil.

Preserve and protect the beauty of your leather goods. With All Leather Maintenance products, taking care of leather could not be easier.


Products for deep cleaning leather

When you have significant soiling or a serious stain on your leather, All Leather Maintenance has a highly effective product for deep cleaning leather.

There are remedies and recipes for cleaning ink and gum off leather seats, boat, or other leathers in your home and car. But what about nail polish, coffee, or the buildup sheen of body oils that robs leather of its lustrous finish?

Perrone Aerospace designs, manufactures, clean, repairs and renews performance leathers and textures used for commercial and private aviation. For our aviation, corporate, and consumer clients we use and recommend our Deep Cleaner for Leather when dealing with heavy-duty soiling on leather, vinyl, rubber and synthetic surfaces. How does it work?

Our Deep Cleaner is designed for challenging stains like soda, ketchup, mustard, body oils, gum—and yes—nail polish. The deep cleaning leather formula lifts soils and stains from finished leather, including removing the worn gloss that leather acquires with age.

Without harming the topcoat system of your finished leather, All Leather Maintenance Deep Cleaner leaves your leather looking and feeling like new. The cleaning process is easy:

  • Using Deep Cleaner, spray the product directly onto a large genuine horsehair bristle brush. Do not spray cleaner directly onto leather, or leather products. Horsehair bristles are safe enough to clean and buff your leather without abrading the material.
  • Gently use your brush to lather in circles on and around the area you are trying to clean. Elbow grease is not required, allow the deep cleaning leather solution to lift the stain from the leather finish.
  • Use our smaller horsehair bristle brush to clean hard to reach spaces or along upholstery or seat seams.
  • When you have worked the area, remove the deep cleaning chemical and the residue it lifted from the leather with a clean cloth, repeating with fresh folds of the cloth.
  • Depending on how badly the leather is soiled, repeat the process until the leather surface or product is clean. Our cleaner leaves no oily residue.
  • Allow the surface to air dry for three to five minutes before applying conditioner or putting the leather surface into use.

When looking at a serious stain on your leather, look to All Leather Maintenance to offer an easy, workable solution to renew your leather.


Understanding the best way to clean leather

All Leather Maintenance, a division of Perrone Aerospace, carries on a fourth-generation tradition of excellence in the design, manufacture, cleaning, repair, and refurbishing of performance leathers and textiles. When you want to understand the best way to clean leather—we have the knowledge, products, and tools to help.

Serving clients around the world, we use leading technology to refurbish aviation dress covers and create specialized cleaning products and tools to ensure your leather couch at home looks impeccable.

As with any craft, the right tools of the trade are essential. The tools we offer you to clean your leather surfaces, apparel, and personal goods are as specialized as the equipment we use in our certified FAA Part 145, EASA-approved repair station. Leather is our business, and we want to help you preserve and protect your investment in this beautiful, durable material.

The best way to clean leather, is the right way. Here are some tips on tools we offer to help you understand why the right tool can help you achieve the outcome you want:

  • Brushes for cleaning leather: When cleaning stains, many people reach for a plastic brush and a little elbow grease. Using the wrong brush (and cleaner) can harm the finish system on your leather, cause premature wear, and damage the actual leather.

Made with horsehair bristles, our large cleaning brush and smaller detail brush are well-crafted tools you can use to clean leather and fine upholstery fabrics. The large brush is useful for cleaning broad swaths of leather, and the smaller brush is for seams and hard to reach areas. Why horsehair?

Horsehair bristles are soft enough not to scratch leather, but firm enough to remove soiling and debris from the pores in the surface of leather. With the ability to work up a lather, brush away debris, and buff, genuine horsehair bristle brushes are essential for cleaning and preserving fine leather.

  • Microfiber cleaning cloths: One of the many uses of microfiber is for cleaning. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber developed for its durability, strength, and ability to absorb and repel water. Our Microfiber Cleaning Cloth will not scratch surfaces but is highly effective for picking up particulate, residue, and removing greasy fingerprints. Use microfiber cloths to wipe down your leather between cleanings. Our cloths are large enough for a big job, but light on your budget and can be rinsed and reused repeatedly.

When you want to choose the best way to clean and preserve your leather, All Leather Maintenance has the products—and tools—you need to do the job. Question? Contact us today.


Know when to contact a leather professional

Understanding your options to repair damaged leather is important when you have an investment in seats, upholstery, aviation dress covers, or valuable personal items.

While a good leather maintenance system goes a long way to keeping leather lustrous and pliable, accidents happen. Over time, leather is worn or soiled beyond what can be restored by a high quality cleaner or conditioner. Circumstances that require the use of a professional to repair damaged leather include:

  • Rips, tears, and minor holes
  • Abrasions and scratches in the finish system
  • Rub through of leather finish
  • Peeling leather
  • Transfer or loss of color
  • Deeply stained or dulled leather that cannot be removed with topical cleaning products such as dried, set-in ink stains

Perrone Aerospace: Certified FAA Part 145, EASA-approved repair station

For high value leather products, Perrone Aerospace is a FAA certified and OEM authorized repair station equipped to restore and refresh damaged leather, synthetic leather and cloth parts. We design, manufacture, clean, repair, and refurbish soft goods for airlines, corporate, and VIP customers around the globe.

Perrone uses proprietary and innovative services and technology to quickly and cost-effectively repair damaged leather instead of replace dress covers and other high value items. Our capabilities include:

  • Professional deep cleaning to remove saturated body oils, soiling, dirt, and grease
  • Removal of ink, gum, and other stains that have permeated the finish of leather
  • Leather refinishing with the addition of cross-linked protective clear top for a “like new” look and feel
  • Professional color matching and color refinishing
  • Sew and replace panels, remove and replace snaps and threads to specification
  • Efficient inventory management by tracking shipments and pieces by part numbers, provide secure storage in a climate controlled warehouse, deliver on-demand reports of inventory and other information

When you need a high quality leather or upholstery maintenance system, rely on our All Leather Maintenance product line. When you need expert, certified professional leather care and restoration, contact Perrone Aerospace to expertly repair damaged leather in record time.


Keep luxurious Alcantara looking new

Alcantara is a popular, high-end, lux-tech material with a nap and touch of suede. It is durable, stain, and scuff resistant.

Developed in the 1970’s, Alcantara has steadily grown in popularity. Its high quality and exclusive touch/flair places it in luxury cars like Mercedes, Tesla, BMW’s and some sports cars, along with high-end products with plush but durable coverings. According to Popular Mechanics, Alcantara passes the “Arizona test,” meaning it stands up to fading even in hot, sunny locations.

Like leather, regular cleaning of Alcantara is recommended, and All Leather Maintenance has specialized products and expert tips to help keep your Alcantara and other automotive surface applications looking like new.

Tips on cleaning Alcantara

Detailing Alcantara is easy with products from our leather and textile maintenance line. Take these steps to preserve and protect your investment in naturally stain-resistant Alcantara:

  • Used for trim, seats, wheel covers, and headliners, your first step is to take a look at what Alcantara fabric you want to clean. If you are working with Alcantara in your vehicle, size-up your project before you get underway, and ensure you have the right materials on hand.
  • Use our Alcantara Cleaner to clean stains like coffee, red wine, grease, and ink, among others. Our cleaner is premixed and ready to apply without harsh fumes or odors.
  • If the stain is fresh, blot with a clean microfiber towel.
  • Spray Alcantara Cleaner on a genuine horsehair bristle brush. The use of tools like microfiber towels and natural horsehair bristle brushes speeds the cleaning process and importantly, protects your Alcantara fabric.
  • Using gentle, circular strokes, agitate the cleaner on the soiled area until a soapy lather appears. Let the lather dry on the stain. Use a towel or vacuum to pick up any extra residue. Using a hair dryer to speed the drying process is optional.
  • Use a horsehair bristle detailing brush to restore the nap on and around the stained area.
  • If you caught the stain after it was dried—no worries. Use our Refining Billet to remove set-in stains on your Alcantara. Then spray Alcantara Cleaner on your natural bristle brush and proceed the same as if the stain were fresh, finishing up by brushing up the nap on and around the treated area. You can use our Refining Billet on leather, genuine and synthetic suede, Nubuck and other fine upholstery materials.
  • For fine upholstery other than Alcantara, like NuBuck, genuine or synthetic suedes, sheepskin, or wool fabrics, try our water-based Micro Lather cleaner for soiling and dry, tough stains. Perrone’s Micro Lather ships with a bonus Refining Billet so you get two upholstery cleaning solutions for the cost of one.

Cleaning Alcantara is easy with our proprietary cleaning system. Whether you have fine leather or Alcantara, use our product line to clean and maintain your investment.