Aviation Leather Cleaning and Maintenance System

Cleaning aircraft upholstery to protect your investment

Perrone Aerospace, the leading manufacturer of commercial aircraft upholstery leather in the United States, offers a premier OEM leather cleaning and maintenance system for aviation customers.

Through our division, All Leather Maintenance, we offer a full line of products designed to ensure you enjoy the full service life of flame retardant upholstery leather and dress covers for aircraft seating.

We specialize in cleaning aircraft upholstery

Regular leather maintenance is critical to realize and extend the service life of a dress cover in commercial or private aircraft. Too often, in-house cleaning crews or external cleaning vendors unwittingly use harsh chemicals and tools that diminish the look and length of life of aviation leather.

With more than one hundred years working with leather, we design and manufacture performance leathers and textiles for commercial and corporate interests around the world. We are experts at producing and preserving aircraft upholstery. When you need a cleaning, maintenance, or repair solution—we can help.

Corporate/VIP Aviation

Perrone Aerospace has specifically formulated products for higher end leather found in the Corporate and VIP aviation market.

Key All Leather Maintenance products used throughout the airline industry include:

  • Leather Cleaner with Conditioner: Our most popular product, this formula is used by aircraft detailers nationwide and internationally for cleaning aircraft upholstery. This one-step product is blended to clean and rejuvenate finished leather dress covers. Deploying a protective barrier, this cleaner helps prevent permanently set stains from ink, grease, body oil, and food. Available in spray bottle or gallon containers, you can also buy this product as a leather cleaner wipe, available in packets or tubs.
  • Deep Cleaner for Leather: For commercial or corporate aviation surfaces, our Deep Cleaner answers the need for a high-performance cleaner for tough stains on finished leather, vinyl, rubber and other synthetic surfaces. This product cleans without harming the topcoat system of fine leather. Removing glossy build up from body oils and soiling, this formula works on a variety of stains and soils including coffee, ketchup, nail polish, and mustard.
  • Micro Lather Aircraft Upholstery Cleaner: This ready-to-use, water-based formula is created for upholstery like genuine and synthetic suede, NuBuck, sheepskin, wool, and other fabrics.  With no harsh fumes, this cleaner works on tough stains and soiling.  Our Micro Lather comes with a bonus to help lift stains like dry ink.  Use our Billet and a genuine horsehair brush to clean fabric and restore the nap of your upholstery.
  • Certified FAA Part 145, EASA-approved repair station: Perrone Aerospace provides expert repair services including professional aircraft upholstery cleaning, ink and stain removal, premium refinishing, color matching, and sewing and panel replacement as well as a precision inventory management program.

Protect your budget and preserve dress covers and leather surfaces to gain the benefit of their full service life. When you have questions about producing, cleaning, maintaining, or restoring aviation leather, we have an excellent service reputation. Contact us today.

(*) Note products are specifically formulated for finished leather products. These products are not recommended for unfinished leathers such as suede or NuBuck leather.  To identify if these products are recommended for use on your leather item, simply apply a droplet of water to the area you want to clean, protect and maintain.  If the droplet of water beads-up, your leather is a finished leather products.  If the droplet is absorbed into your leather, then it is unfinished and the use of our products are not recommended for your item.