Leather Apparel


Cleaning leather apparel the right way

Leather is a sought-after, durable fabric used to create and cover many apparel items. When cleaning personal leather goods of any kind, it is important to use the right products.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of performance leathers and textiles, Perrone provides products and services to commercial aerospace, business, and consumer clients around the world.

Through All Leather Maintenance, a division of Perrone Performance Leather & Textiles, we offer a specialized line of leather maintenance products. Whether you need to clean leather shoes, or wonder about cleaning leather jackets—we have a product to protect and preserve your fine leather apparel.

A little background on cleaning leather apparel and personal items

You will pay more for a beautiful leather coat. The same goes for specialized carrying cases, or purses, wallets, backpacks, or laptop covers. Leather means quality.

There are many kinds of leather used for personal items—cleaning finished leather jackets calls for different products than leather goods or coats that are unfinished. What does that mean?

Finished leathers undergo different steps to prepare and protect the finish of the final leather product. Unfinished leather does not have a protective coating, and is more susceptible than finished leather to stains and soiling.

Check out whether your leather is finished or unfinished by applying a drop of water to the leather in a spot not otherwise seen—like the inside of a cuff. If it beads up—your leather is probably finished. If the droplet is absorbed, it is probably not finished, and some of our products are not a good match for that particular leather product.

While our line of premium leather maintenance product is formulated to lift stains, clean, and maintain leather—many of our solutions are safe only on finished leathers.

Preserve your personal leather goods

Use high quality leather cleaning products to maintain the beauty and value of any leather item. About every 30 days, you can easily and safely clean and condition your leather apparel or household goods quickly with products including:

  • Leather Cleaner with Conditioner: Clean and protect your personal leather goods with Leather Cleaner with Conditioner, a one-step ready-to-use product in a convenient spray bottle. Bring back the original look and feel of your finished leather goods in seconds. Use with a genuine horsehair brush and Microfiber Towel for ideal results.
  • Leather conditioner: Perrone’s enriched cream formula Leather Conditioner keeps your leather feeling and looking new. Specialized conditioning agents help protect against UV fade, soiling and wear with no oily residue. Always clean your leather item before you apply a leather conditioner.

We understand your investment. When cleaning leather apparel or fine upholstery—trust All Leather Maintenance.

(*) Note products are specifically formulated for finished leather products. These products are not recommended for unfinished leathers such as suede or NuBuck leather. To identify if these products are recommended for use on your leather item, simply apply a droplet of water to the area you want to clean, protect and maintain. If the droplet of water beads-up, your leather is a finished leather products. If the droplet is absorbed into your leather, then it is unfinished and the use of our products are not recommended for your item.